40 Years Experience in a Wide Range of Security Services

We are a minority/disabled veteran-owned security company with over 40 years' experience. Hector Garcia's experience includes working closely with the NFL, providing personal security for celebrities and dignitaries as well as a myriad of general security services as outlined below. Hector launched and transformed Valle Security into one of the most trusted event staffing and security companies in the Chicago area. He has since expanded the business into Dallas, Texas, and is providing services nationally.  

In addition, Hector has deep roots in the state of Texas. Hector Garcia's grandfather, Braulio Valle, migrated to Texas several decades ago and lived a full life passing at 108 in La Pryor, Texas. He had 18 children with his wife of 70 years, Lydia, and was the family's patriarch and pillar of strength. Folklore has it that Valle was kidnapped by banditos in Mexico as a child and was held captive for several years before being rescued by a man named Doroteo Arango. If that name sounds familiar, it is because it is the given name of the man who would later become known as Pancho Villa. Valle Security Services is the namesake of this incredible and resilient man.

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Our security personnel can protect your staff and customers from potential risks, including arguments and property theft, individuals in unauthorized locations, and even terrorist attacks.  Due to the high level of skill, knowledge, and training, our staff has the ability to act quickly and professionally in any situation that may arise.

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Are you in need of a professional investigation agency that offers a diverse array of services? Our clients receive comprehensive investigations managed by knowledgeable and seasoned staff. We provide the results to effectively resolve business, legal or personal matters, such as criminal cases, divorce and more.


Events and businesses can be a huge investment, and protecting that investment makes sense. When you’re not there at night, your property is vulnerable. Hiring 24/7 security protection means you will have someone who performs drive through observations as well as foot patrols and physical checks of the building.

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Choosing a professional security consultant to address security threats or concerns is an investment in your organization’s future that can minimize potential loss. Risk management is activity directed towards the assessing, evaluating, measuring of risks, and ultimately mitigating risk to an acceptable level. In some cases, the acceptable risk may be near zero. Risks can come from client activity, associates, accidents, natural causes, human error, and intentional acts.

We Provide a Unique Perspective When it comes to Security

As a security company being led by both a minority owner and disabled veteran, our deep understanding of the community combined with our skills in diplomacy and de-escalation are our greatest strengths. Our full-time staff is as diverse as the community they serve and are highly trained to be alert, prepared and connected.